PAAWS RI COVID-19 response

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, PAAWS RI will only be offering emergency veterinary care at this time.  When government recommendations change, we will notify you that we are open again.  

While it is difficult for all of us to accept and implement these changes, it is important that we do so. Effective, consistent and widespread social distancing is our best defense to minimize the spread of the coronavirus.  Estimates are that we can decrease the number of people who die of this pandemic by 10 fold with social distancing. Please do your part.

At the current time, we are recommending that all trapping of feral cats stop immediately.  We will not be able to provide routine spay/neuter services.  If cats are sick or injured and need urgent medical care, please email us at:

We will contact you and arrange to provide your animal with emergency care.

Please stay inside, wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds each time, and be careful.

Stay safe,

The Doctors and Staff at PAAWS RI

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