​Kayak's adoption success story!

​Kayak, enjoying the good life.

​We are pleased to announce that Kayak, a long-time resident of P​AAWSRI, has FINALLY found his FUR-EVER home! This is after a lot of effort and many attempts to help Kayak find his ​perfect home. Kayak has been to many foster and adoption homes in the past, all of them unfortunately unsuitable for Kayak's special needs.

You see, we rescued Kayak after he was cruelly declawed and then abandoned to fend for himself, all alone in the woods. A kayaker, this brave kitty's namesake, found him and brought a terribly traumatized cat to us. Kayak's horrible experience made him nervous, and he tended to bite when overstimulated. This meant that Kayak needed extremely patient humans to care for him, and after a long time with us, he has finally found just the right humans for him!

​We are beyond thrilled and happy for this special cat and his family. A big "thank-you" and lots of well wishes to Pam & Jim for loving our dear buddy! ​Thank you so much! 

A big congratulations to Kayak and his new fur-ever home with his family- Pam and Jim!

​Help cats like Kayak!

We could not have had the time and resources to help Kayak find his forever home without the support of people like you, who choose to give PAAWS RI your attention ​by reading Kayak's story. We hope that your heart's been touched by Kayak's story.

If you would like to help more cats in need like Kayak, please consider donating to us by clicking the link here.​

​Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, Kayak & the PAAWSRI team.

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