Facebook Doesn't Like Us!

What Do You Mean?

Did you know that Facebook has been hiding important posts from you for years?  Facebook decides exactly what you are allowed to see every time you log in.  A computer system judges every post and almost nothing makes it to your news feed unless it can somehow earn a profit for Facebook.

It’s a common misconception that every post that is published to Facebook will be seen by all of your friends.  Facebook originally began judging the posts you are allowed to see as a way to keep your newsfeed neat and tidy. Unfortunately, this system is now used to squeeze money out of small businesses and nonprofits like us.


The longer you stay on Facebook, the more money Facebook makes from showing you advertisements.  This is why they only want you to see posts that will keep you scrolling through Facebook even longer.

Facebook expects pages like ours to pay large amounts of money if we want anyone to see our posts that talk about our website instead of keeping you on Facebook. It’s not very nice of them, but it’s their house and their rules.

That’s why 1000’s of people will see a cute cat picture that we share on our page and only a handful of people will ever see important posts about our fundraisers and events. Just look at the following example:

The Proof

We have 7,891 amazing animal lovers that like our Facebook page, but only a small percentage will ever see any of our posts.  We shared this fundraiser for the cats on May 14th and 5 days later it has only been seen by 473 people. That is just 5.99% of the people that like our page! 94% of our supporters didn't see that post and have no idea that we are raffling off great prizes to help find homes for the shelter cats.

Less than 6% of the people on our Facebook page ever saw this post!

Still Less Than 50%

This post was made 7 days ago on Mother’s Day. Facebook decided that only 3423 people would be allowed to see that picture.  3,423 people is just 43.38%, which is better but still not very good. 

Reaching 43% of PAAWS Supporters isn't terrible, but we need more help than that.

How Can We Fix This?

The best way to stop Facebook from censoring us is to click here to subscribe to our newsletter and regularly visit this website to always get the latest shelter news.  We have added a new section to the front page of www.paawsri.org that has the latest articles just like this one.  You will never miss out on an event again and always find out about the latest adoptable cats first.  

We will still be posting on Facebook and you can help there too.  The more popular that Facebook believes a post is, the more people will be allowed to see it.  That means that you can really help the cats by doing something as easy as leaving a comment on any of our Facebook posts.  Comments are a very important signal of “popularity” to Facebook and will help our message reach more people.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and we hope you found it informative.  Our website, www.paawsri.org is your #1 source for helping homeless cats in our community.  Please stay positive and remember that comment or a share on our Facebook posts really helps.  

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