Raising Money for reBa

This Poor baby needs a SURGICAL specialist

MEET REBA! Reba is a 5 year old indoor cat who lives in a house with her brother. 

A few months ago, Reba's owner noticed that her ear started to smell badly, and the beagle that came to visit was constantly licking Reba's left ear. Today she came to see the veterinarian at PAAWS RI, and it was determined that she has a tumor in her ear. 

It is most likely benign, but it is bothering her terribly. Her ear is infected and she is shaking her head often.

The estimated cost to have a surgical specialist, Dr Clark, remove the tumor, and also remove one abscessed tooth is her mouth is $900.

Her owners love her very much, and are trying to contribute to the cost of Reba's surgery. But they need some assistance.

Please help Reba get the surgery she needs so she can enjoy the rest of her life!


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