These baby girls need your help!

These two kitties have come into this world following a confusing set of circumstances.

It all started with a feral cat that was trapped in Newport. The kitty looked like a boy, so everyone assumed he was a boy. No one could really check him out, because he’s a feral cat. A very nice person agreed to foster this boy until he could be neutered and then released. 

To make a long story short, the kitty turned out to be a pregnant female. The foster, being the wonderful person she is, still agreed to care for the pregnant cat. In due time, she delivered three kittens. One of the kittens sadly died at birth, but the other two kittens seemed healthy.

But, the struggle for these two sisters had just begun.

Meet Opal and Pearl

Neither kitten opened her eyes at the right time, and when their eyes finally did open, they were bulging and did not look right. When the two sisters went to the vet at 5 weeks of age, it was confirmed that Opal was completely blind, and Pearl was blind in one eye. The sisters were taken to an Ophthalmologist, and it was determined that their eyes were not formed correctly in utero.

Since the eyes are so enlarged, there is concern that they could be chronically painful. Opal and Pearl had to go through eye surgery to allow them to live more comfortably.

Unfortunately, the challenges these sisters face do not stop there.

Opal had to go through a hernia repair, and she has a heart murmur.  She went to the cardiologist for an ultrasound.  This poor baby has a small hole in her heart that allows blood to abnormally flow from the left to the right side of her heart. 

Besides all of this specialty care, the kittens still needed all the basic veterinary care (vaccination, deworming, spaying and microchipping). All this medical care has been expensive, and we need your help to get them healthy and ready for adoption.

These sisters have had a rough start to life but we are determined to help them live pain free. Scruffy Paws Animal Rescue has been our partner in helping Opal and Pearl and their foster mom has been nothing short of amazing to see these girls get the care they deserve.

Please consider making a donation – of any size – to help these two sisters. Opal and Pearl are very sweet kittens, and they deserve to get all the help they need to be healthy and well.

Once the kittens have finished all their medical procedures, they need to find a wonderful home. They will be adopted together, because Opal, being blind, relies on her sister to be the leader of the pack. Please consider adopting these girls, or sharing their story with others!


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