Success Stories

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We recently asked the members of our Facebook page to share stories and photos about the cats that they have adopted from our shelter. The response we received was overwhelming!

Please take a moment to enjoy these heartwarming stories and cute photos. We want to continue adding to this page of success stories and with your support, we can.

Daisy & Violet

Daisy & Violet 2015!! They are both doing wonderful and are the happiest kitties around! We love them to pieces! They give us never ending love! We couldn’t of asked for two better fur babies to love!!!!!

-Lori M. P.


This is Luca. He will be 3 in May. He loves chasing our 9 month old chocolate lab, taking naps in the sunshine and looking out the window.

-Taylor B. ​T.


Luna when we first got her in 7/2017 and then now. She’s definitely got a personality and follows me around everywhere and has to sleep on my pillow every single night. She likes to jump on the kitchen counter and knock my water off and also eat my food when I walk away for 5 seconds lol

-Katie A.

The King Tut Life

With the support of our donors, we managed to get King Tut from the streets to the sweet life on a yacht.

Most importantly, King Tut now has a family to look after his diabetic needs. Our donors are saving vulnerable lives like King Tut's every day.

Click the donation button down below and you could be the reason another kitty gets a chance!

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King Tut

King Tut went from the streets of Providence RI to knocking on heaven's door to a yacht. He is a diabetic and doing great!. Now he is enjoying his new home in North Carolina with the same family who adopted him.

-Laurie B.


We adopted Milkshake (formerly Whittier 2) two years ago as of this month. He is a bubbly, chatty, cuddly, playful little ball of floof and he brings so much happiness to our lives. His favorite time of day is breakfast and dinner and he loves belly rubs and playing fetch (a skill he came equipped with on his own). Milkshake and I are currently snuggling on the couch and want to say THANK YOU for bringing us together.

-Courtney R.


Ace (formerly Honeydew) was adopted 11/7/15. He’s such a joy, the most gentle, sweet cat there is and totally runs the show.

-Sarah ​B.


This is Zoey (formerly Dot). She is the absolute sweetest cat! She is beyond patient with our 1 year old and they are the BEST of friends. She sits on the edge of the tub while he’s in the bath, she climbs in bed with him, she sits in whatever room he plays in! She is so snuggly and will not go to bed until everyone in the family is upstairs safely tucked in. We absolutely love her.

-Tara A.

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Neil Catrick Harris

This is Neil Catrick Harris. We adopted him just short of two years ago. Don't let his sleepy eyes fool you, he is by far the most energetic cat I have had! He loves his cat wheel, treats, spring toys, and (we hope) his new brother we just adopted.

-April G. C.

Parsley Mae

Parsley Mae, adopted in May of 2016 - she is now three and has a sister Ally and a lizard-sister Cleco - Parsley is still finding her voice, is a very picky eater, and is the sweetest cat I've ever known - Thank for for completing our family!

-Danielle S.

Toby & Tigger

Toby and Tigger(former Rolo and Snicker) are great little boys. We have many laughs at them grooming each other and chasing each other in the house. Waking up each morning with them at the foot of our bed puts smiles on our faces. They are always curled into each other when they sleep.

-Nattie M.

Maddy & Max

Maddy & Max settled in now going on 2 years now. They took some time getting adjusted as Maddy was found in an abandoned apartment complex & was a bit feral. She had a litter of 5 or 6, but Max was the only one to survive. She is such a loving momma.. she still bathes him, sleeps w: him & when dinner time rolls around, she waits for him to eat before she does. I love  hem so much!

-Amy P.


My sweet Charlie, adopted Feb 2015. She’s a shy, funny little girl who loves to troll her big brother.

-Kate M.

Potato Chip

Potato Chip came home in October. The perfect snuggle buddy for his big sister Ellie!

-Allison M.


I can hardly believe it's been almost 4 years since we adopted Sulu. He makes us laugh and smile every day. I can't imagine life without him. Thank you for this gift.

-Michelle J. T.

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This is Elle. She was 2 when I adopted her.... she’s a sweet talkative girl, especially when she hears the bag of treats!!! We will be celebrating our 3rd gotcha day in November!

-Pam J. P.


This is Chance we adopted him almost 6 years ago.

-Melissa F.

Smalls & Sadie

My Smalls & Sadie, both adopted from you guys!

-Joe C.

Pixie Petunia

Pixie Petunia. A perfect addition to my little fur family.

-Michelle R.

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Simba is growing fast. Came to his fur-ever home on 12-4-18. He is adjusting well and is definitely King Simba of the house. Thank you PAAWS!

-Celeste M.


This is Regan. We adopted her from you all in 2014. She’s getting ready for her BIG move to our new home in the woods. She’s loves to hunt outside and enjoys loonnnngggg naps in a comfy bed. We are so thankful for her!

-Stephanie N. D.


Lola, formerly known as Dazzle, was adopted in January 2016.She took some time to warm up but she is very happy in her “furever” home. She goes downstairs to grams when she wants, has treats and comes back upstairs. She loves to snuggle me, will sit on my shoulders, sit on my lap while at the desk.She is the love of my life. I love this kitty so much. I couldn’t picture my life without her

-Heidi S.

Oreo & Olly

Oreo and Olly, adopted December 2015. Sweet, loving, playful, and adored by all!

-Carolyn M. G.


Bailey was approximately 8 yrs old when we adopted him. He is a beautiful siamese who we adore. He has been in our lives for over 2 years & enjoy him so much.

-Paula P.


This is Maple (formerly known as Tulip). We adopted her almost 3 years ago. When we saw her at the shelter it was love at first sight. She had 5 kittens who got adopted but no one took mama! We are so thankful for that because we won the cat lottery with her. She brings us so much joy and love it’s unreal. I cannot imagine my life without her. Thank you for this gift and letting us be her forever home.

-April H.

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Yoshi!(formerly Mia) who is incredibly nurturing, sweet, and funny. She is insanely patient with our 10mo and we all just love her !

-Kelly M. G.


Here is Zelda! (formerly Izzy). She's doing so great! At first she was very timid and spent all day hiding. One month later she is a total wild child. She loves to play all day long!

-Adrienne B.


Violet adopted Nov 2016, she is such a good girl, we couldn’t be happier to have her!

-Jamie R. B.


Malcolm came home with us in November 2016. He was very scared and it took a lot of patience to get him to where he is now. He stayed under our bed for at least a month, only coming out at night when we were sleeping. Now he is a food loving cuddle monster (plus a really good alarm clock in the early morning). We love him so much and are so happy to have him!

-Stephanie S. S.


This is Kevin, we adopted him about three years ago. He loves to snuggle and talks up a storm....

-Christine M.


I got Lucy (was CC) in August 2014 when you had just picked her up as a feral baby that didn’t like anybody. Now she LOVES me, but still doesn’t like anybody else.

-Ben M.


Simba is the most sweetest cat we've ever had! However, she has learned to use her "voice" to get what she wants, mostly something else to eat, usually early in the morning!

-Ann R. B.

A Good Year

For cats like Sal, FIV and FeLV should not be a death sentence.

Many cats are able to lead fulfilling lives after their diagnosis, and have lots of love to share with you and your family.

Your donations will help cats that have special needs get another chance to find their forever home.

They deserve as much love and happiness as they can get their little paws on. Please consider clicking the donate button below to help cats like Sal.

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We adopted Sal (aka Mr Duffy) in October of 2017. He had FIV so he has since left us but in that year we had him, he brought us so much joy and happiness.

-Taylor A.


This is Remy! Adopted from you guys back in January 2017

-Julie S.

Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae was a scared feral kitten that I fostered and I couldn’t give her back.

-Michaela R. P.

Caesar & Lincoln

Caesar adopted me 4-1-2014 and Lincoln adopted me 1-2-2015 at Paaws. They are still inseparable.

-Grams T.


She was just a baby (Maplewood 2) when we adopted her, now she's almost 1. She is an absolute spit fire. She is now Violet. Love her so much.

-Melissa T. M.


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This is Luna, (formerly foxy) almost 3 years ago I adopted her. She went from shy scaredy-cat to spoiled lap cat who loves to snuggle and tell me stories!

-Kara P.

Jack & Sally

Jack and Sally (formally Fiji and Munchkin). They are INSEPARABLE! They love to wrestle and chase each other; love to cuddle together; and play with their 1 1/2 year old human sister.

-Stephanie P.

Salem & Mookie

Salem and Mookie adopted a year and a half ago. The loves of mine and my husbands life.

-Mary A.


Mittens (aka Tuxie)....Came home to us on April 15 2016. FeLV+, FIV+ & going strong. He is the best cat eva!!!!

-Christi S.

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Zoey, adopted 12/22/18!!! The most huggable, snuggable, lovable cat we have ever owned! Absolutely love her!

-Kristen B.


Here is Skye. She is such a great cat! So glad I went to PAAWS. Will definitely adopt another one.

-Cyndi D.


Butterscotch will be five this year!

-Janet R.

Rosie & Strider

Rosie and Strider, formerly Petunia and Akien, adop​​​​ted August 2018, are our little love bugs! These spoiled little babies enjoy watching birds, tv and feathers! Thank you so much for letting them join our family!

-Amanda C.

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Chloe Belle

This is our sweet girl Chloe Belle (f.k.a. Rosemary). We adopted her in June 2016. She is going to be 3 yrs in April. She loves a sunny window & watching the birds; very funny playing hide and seek. Loves hanging out with the family. We adore her!!

-Lori O.


This is Max who I adopted as Honey Boo #2 in August of 2017 as just a baby. I had the intention of adopting an older cat, but he was just the sweetest, most laid back little guy and I fell in love. He loves to be pet, and brushed, and he even lets me clip his nails. He also plays fetch and drinks from the faucet. He’s a character and gives his dog sister a run for her money.

-Dawn B.


Leo (formerly Marcel) was adopted by me in Jan 2018. He loves his new home and is quite the dapper gentleman on holidays!

-Lori L.


This is Callie (formally known as Cinnamon) who I adopted December 2013. She’s doing wonderfully! She loves being outside with her harness, playing and snuggling her kitty sister Addie, and finding new and unique places to hide around the house. She’s moved with me twice and has always been my go to girl.

-Heather S.